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Dr Bryan McDonald

Consultant Dermatologist

  • Skin lesion/skin cancer assessment 

  • Skin surgery (biopsy, shave and excision), cryotherapy and steroid injections 

  • Medical dermatology treatment (acne vulgaris, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, rosacea, boils and hidradenitis suppurativa)

  • Paediatric dermatology

  • Male genital dermatology

About Dr. McDonald

Dr Bryan McDonald MB BCh FRCP obtained his medical degree from Queen's University, Belfast, initially training as a General Practitioner, achieving membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners before taking up a GP Partnership. It was during this time that he developed a special interest in dermatology, finally moving to London to undertake higher specialist training in dermatology. 

Dr McDonald is a general dermatologists, aiming to provide holistic care to patients on all aspects of dermatology. He has developed special interests in paediatric dermatology, male genital dermatology and complex medical dermatology, which encompasses conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne vulgaris, rosacea and hidradenitis suppurativa. He also performs skin lesion assessment to detect skin cancers as well as being able to undertake surgical procedures, cryotherapy and steroid injections as part of treatment plans for his patients.

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